Zinc Picolinate: Complications, Benefits And Uses

It is very likely that you have already heard about Zinc and its benefits for the body, but do you have any idea about what Zinc Picolinate is and what benefits it brings you? If the answer is “no” then this article will be of great help to you.

What is Zinc?

Zinc or “Zinc” (Zn) is a chemical element that in turn is a very helpful micromineral for human beings , since it provides a wide range of benefits that the body needs to be healthy, in balance and harmony. In nature it is found as Zinc Oxide.

The interesting thing about this micromineral is that it is found throughout the body, used in all maintenance and regulation systems. Zinc is associated with fertility treatments , both in men and women, as well as in the sexual processes of both genders.

Do Zinc and Zinc Picolinate have any relationship between them?

Well, yes, Zinc Picolinate is another way to consume Zinc, unlike the former is a practical and effective option to achieve the best absorption of this micromineral and thus be able to enhance its effect on the body.

Zinc Picolinate is based on picolinic acid and zinc , which is used by many people in the world since it is a way to be absorbed faster by the body, giving the body its respective benefits.

Does Zinc Picolinate provide any benefit to our body?

That’s right, Zinc Picolinate is highly recommended to boost the immune system , having marked results shortly after consuming it; in turn, it is also widely used to promote the growth of children, since many of them lose minerals through the urine and this considerably affects the development of the little ones in the house.

This micro mineral is also widely used to reduce the size of the prostate , as well as to fight against cirrhosis processes.

Another benefit of this presentation of Zinc is its effectiveness in combating acne processes, especially those that present a high degree of redness or, in other words, redness, very similar to rosacea because Zinc Picolinate helps to wound healing and blood clotting.

It in turn helps in the elimination of toxins and / or waste substances from the body . Now if it is the case of a pregnant person, this Zinc Picolinate is ideal since during this time women tend to suffer from a deficiency of this micromineral, so the intake favors both the health of the mother and the correct growth of the baby.

How is the absorption of Zinc carried out?

Zinc generally has a slow absorption process since it interacts with the stomach and is subsequently absorbed by the blood and the different structures of the human body to perform its proper function. Despite this, specialists and / or connoisseurs of the subject recommend the intake of Zinc through an acid called Zinc Picolinate, which accelerates the absorption process.

It is important to point out that Zinc can be found in higher concentrations in our hair, skin and urine.

Are there any recommendations to consume Zinc Picolinate?

Here it is important to mention something that is always said and does not escape the truth, all consumption in excess is harmful to health, including the consumption of Zinc Picolinate despite the fact that there are no scientific studies that indicate or speak of side effects on the part of this micro mineral.

The recommended dose of Zinc Picolinate is 11 mg / day, so we must exercise caution when consuming it, staying below this limit since incurring an excess intake would affect the absorption of other elements such as iron and iron. copper, and there may be a deficiency in your body. People who could consume up to 45 mg / day are those who have a deficiency in the absorption of this micromineral, this being the only exception.

If you currently suffer from any type of pathology, it would not hurt to consult your family doctor or specialist whether or not you should consume Zinc Picolinate.

How true is it that Zinc Picolinate helps testosterone production in men?

Zinc is very important for our body since it manages to synthesize at least three hundred (300) enzymes of the body, which are related to the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

In the case of Testosterone, a deficit of Zinc in the body can affect certain hormones , such as this male hormone, this also happening in the case of athletes who through excessive sweating or perspiration have to easily lose Zinc, resulting in additional physical effort since this deficiency also affects the growth of muscle mass.

For this reason, the consumption of Zinc Picolinate is recommended to men since it not only helps in their hormonal process but also guarantees the maintenance of their muscle mass , as well as considerably improves recovery between exercise sessions.

Zinc in food

Just as you can consume Zinc through Zinc Picolinate, you can also do it through foods such as: meat, fish, eggs and shellfish .

Can the excessive consumption of Zinc Picolinate lead to other complications?

If you get to consume this micromineral excessively (from 50 mg / day onwards) this could bring some side effects such as: problems in the digestive system such as gastritis, heartburn as well as headaches; problems of depression of the immune system and finally the reduction of certain senses such as taste and smell, there are those who affirm that when consuming food they come to feel a metallic taste in the mouth, something very similar to what happens when consuming iron.

They can also iterate zins the following articles: zinc sulfate  , zinc gluconate or zinc and testosterone in to the spoken benefits and contraindications of this mineral in the body.

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