Zinc, Testosterone’s Best Friend

Zinc is an essential mineral for the human being, it helps to achieve in men a correct formation of the hormone known as testosterone and in women it affects fertility , where it directly affects the ovum, additionally it has a great effect on our system immune and in the neurological development of a being .

Recent studies have shown that its application can influence weight gain in malnourished newborn children and their integral motor development. We must take into consideration that Zinc is extremely important in breastfeeding the baby and in the development of its first years, but be aware that this mineral should really be a priority throughout life.

The foods that can contain this mineral are varied, but among them the most important are: Nuts, shellfish, white fish, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, brown rice and pork. Its consumption becomes an accomplice in the development of man and the strengthening of his testosterone.

But what is Testosterone?

Somehow everyone recognizes it as the Sexual hormone that regulates the development of men , maintaining it at an optimal and adequate level strengthens male sexual actions, it is generated in the testicles, although to a lesser extent it is also achieved in the ovaries of women . It has very important functions in the male body such as the production of sperm, red blood cells, the regulation of sexual desire and therefore, it can affect the mood of an individual.

At any age of man, testosterone plays an important role in his life and not only because of its sexual influence, but also because it is a key part of the body to achieve muscle toning. It represents a permanent stimulus for those who want to stay in shape and perform daily exercises or play sports.

This hormone that few talk about it, has a very particular influence on our body, studies show that it helps to promote memory, achieving a great impact on the proper functioning of the liver and on the regeneration of our skin.

How to recognize that Testosterone is low?

Some consider that age is important in the production of this hormone and although it is true that old age is a cause of the decrease in its levels, there are other factors that influence, such as obesity , which leads us to determine that the more fat has the body the less opportunity we have to produce it.

But be careful, in addition to age and obesity, there are some signals that our body gives us that can indicate that testosterone levels are falling. It is normal for symptoms such as fatigue, progressive decrease in sexual desire, the dreaded erectile dysfunction, in some cases it causes insomnia and also some irritability with frequent mood changes.

You can see the importance of keeping this hormone stable , its incidence in the body is really remarkable.

Some fun facts about testosterone

bad copy that testosterone has had are the steroids called anabolic-androgenic , which are used without any type of control to help in muscle growth, they have been created under a principle of synthetic compounds that really seek to imitate the entire structure chemistry that the original hormone has.

There are some studies that claim that this hormone can affect the aggressive and even murderous behavior of some people , but this is not scientifically proven, what if they say from the University of Bonn in Germany is that testosterone helps consolidate honesty in the human being, claiming that by having a higher level of this hormone in the body, man feels safer and tries not to damage his image.

How can we maintain a good testosterone level?

As already mentioned, zinc is the best friend of this hormone, however leading a healthy life can be a great ally to keep it at a good level , it is very important to start to rest well, do it today, looking for the right place and perhaps accompanying those moments with good music. It is extremely important to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, as well as coffee.

People who live in a world of stress are prone to decrease their level, therefore it is essential to lead a very calm, relaxed life, where they try to combine work, with good nutrition and long regular hours of exercise. Any sport that is practiced can affect the levels of this hormone, although the more intense the training, the more likely it is to benefit it.

Another secret that you can use to achieve this goal is trying to lose weight, which has a lot to do with healthy living and sports habits.

Other secrets to increase the level of this hormone

The great concern of men is that from the age of 30 their testosterone levels inevitably begin to decrease and as age progresses this decrease increases, however, it is important to take into account some recommendations that can help us to keep us:

Zinc Consumption

All the recommendations that you can get will always be accompanied by this mineral, it has been proven that in men who maintain a low level of testosterone, in just six weeks of consumption of this mineral , they begin to notice a great improvement.

Studies show that a high percentage of adults over 65 do not ingest a basic dose of this mineral, considerably affecting its levels.

Do strength training

Lifting weights can be a great idea , as long as it’s done with a lot of intensity. You must put all your efforts into exercising as many muscles as possible, the secret is to reduce the number of repetitions and increase the weight.

Incorporate Vitamins into your diet

In addition to the adequate consumption of Zinc in your daily diet, it is important in the production of testosterone, to include Vitamins A, B, C and E ; which you can probably get by consuming nuts, vegetables and fruits.

Get your sexual stimulus

Research carried out by German scientists ensures that by having a simple erection you can raise your testosterone levels , to the point that it is proven that by watching movies with sexual content, men are capable of raising their testosterone between 35% and up to 100% . It is forbidden not to have a sexual stimulus for a long time.

Avoid estrogens in your life

Estrogens are female-type hormones that can be in various foods such as olive oil, chickpeas, spinach, and seeds.

Why is Zinc so important?

There is an enzyme called aromatase, in both men and women, which is responsible for manufacturing estrogens, which as we have already seen are female-type hormones. The consumption of zinc helps to limit the functions that Aromatase performs in our body.

Zinc and testosterone, aspects of interest

Another important aspect that should be mentioned is that Zinc intervenes in the correct formation of sperm inside the testicles , scientifically proving that if there is a deficiency of this mineral in the body, it automatically reduces the movement of sperm and decreases the quality of the same.

Zinc is a great ally of athletes, since it actively participates in the generation of energy, facilitating the assimilation of sugar in the body, in addition to contributing to the recovery of some muscle injuries and helps in the prevention of cramps in the muscles.

Some studies show that its consumption affects the reduction of the risk of contracting cancer of the esophagus, pancreas and colon.

Beware of these symptoms that may indicate an absence of zinc gluconate in your body

When you lose your appetite, you feel very tired, you have diarrhea, your wounds do not heal in time or you have a good amount of acne, it is time to worry a little and consider that you have zinc deficiency in your body.

If you suspect a Zinc deficiency, do not try to self-medicate, the first step to follow is to visit your doctor as soon as possible, while you are not doing it, try to lead a calm life and reduce any level of stress you have.

The best moment of Zinc, when it should be consumed

It is advisable to consume zinc in the afternoon with some food , you should never consume it on an empty stomach, taking this mineral on an empty stomach can cause havoc in some people and sometimes even nausea. Its simultaneous consumption with iron or calcium should be avoided.

Undoubtedly, leading a healthy life will raise your testosterone levels , age can have an influence on its decrease, but if you follow the instructions we have given you, if you are able to incorporate exercises, good nutrition into your life and the consumption of foods that contain Zinc, it is certain that your concern as a man disappears, everything is a matter of discipline, reading and understanding, to be able to take new habits that help us to reinforce the natural function of our organism.

For details on zinc can see the following articles: zinc picolinate , zinc gluconate and zinc sulfate and discover its benefits.

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