Poppy Austin’s Rosewater, Analysis And Alternative

This tonic is simply 100% pure organic rosewater, distilled and unrefined, handcrafted in Morocco.

It uses the finest and most ethically sourced ingredients, such as rose petals and pure mountain stream water, so it will delight users looking for organic or natural skincare products.

The company is focused on a message that highlights the importance of having healthy, clean ingredients to repair skin damage and keep skin looking younger for longer.

It is a wonderful all-natural product that tones, balances and refreshes the skin, which can be used after daily cleansing, to maintain the pH balance of the skin.

It has a great rose scent, not a very masculine scent, but not overpowering.

From its INCI there is not much to analyze, since it is composed of a single ingredient, although if we are going to see the properties that this ingredient has for the care of our skin.

And after reading this article, I recommend that you take a look at this one with the Best Facial Toners for Men , in which I rely on the INCI to recommend the highest quality, regardless of the brand or the price.

In addition, after the analysis there is relevant information about tonics, what is their function and how to use them.

Poppy Austin’s Rosewater Analysis

Poppy Austin Rose Water Analysis Summary

Rose water is the only ingredient that makes up this tonic, an active widely used in tonics thanks to its antibacterial, astringent and refreshing power.

It is rich in vitamin A, C and full of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, achieving instant hydration of the skin, unclogs and closes pores, thus preventing acne breakouts, and restores the pH balance.

It is a very mild formula, suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Oily skin will notice less oil, but without drying out the skin.

This organic rose water appears to be such a pure quality product, that it works great even on tougher skin conditions, such as rosacea, to soften it without irritating it.

In general, the sensation that this organic rose water toner provides to the face and neck is very pleasant, and its aroma is quite different from artificial scents.

In addition, it is absorbed very quickly into the skin, and the products that are applied next (moisturizers, serums, etc.), penetrate more and you have to use less.

The meticulous level of care and attention that goes into the production of this tonic is what distinguishes it from other equivalent products: Handmade in Morocco and distilled naturally through traditional processes, using only the best rose petals and pure mountain water. Each batch has a time to mature, which further improves quality and purification.

The product is fine, but it is just rose water. If you need something else, you will have to use a more complete toner.


An alternative is Nezeni Cosmetics All-in-1 micellar water, with a good amount of hydrating, antioxidant, regenerating, soothing actives and capable of increasing collagen synthesis, so the results will be more varied and better.

In addition, it is a multipurpose product that is used to clean and tone, which does not have irritating ingredients or alcohol, also suitable for the most delicate skin.

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