L’oreal Pure Clays Detox Effect Mask, Analysis And Alternative

L’Oreal Paris has recently launched three new clay masks, which have been designed to offer you that luxurious home spa experience, at a more than reduced price.

All three masks have a creamy texture and contain clays from around the world to treat different skin-related problems. Today we are going to talk about the Pure Clay Detox Effect Mask.

Transform your skin in just 10 minutes with this deep cleansing mask with 3 pure clays and activated charcoal that brightens and purifies dull and tired skin .

Super concentrated with the power of 3 clays : kaolin, montmorillonite and Moroccan lava clay, which easily remove impurities from the pores, and detoxify the surface of the skin, leaving the complexion bright and radiant.

Activated charcoal is like a magnet to pull dirt out of your pores and draw out deep impurities (like excess oil or pollution).

Its creamy texture does not leave the skin dry or tight, but clean, smooth and rebalanced, with a healthy and radiant tone.

It is time to check the ingredients it includes, in addition to those already mentioned, to see what it can and cannot do for our skin.

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L’Oreal Pure Clays Detox Effect Mask Analysis

Summary analysis of Pure Clays Purifying Mask by L’Oreal

Clay masks are becoming a very popular beauty trend at the moment, and L’Oreal has taken advantage of the pull to present a product that has few assets, and focuses on clays.

On one side is kaolin, a highly concentrated pure clay with silicates that absorb impurities and excess oil to help purify delicate skin affected by daily pollutants.

Next is Montmorillonite, a pure, mineral-rich clay that helps purify and rebalance skin, reducing blemishes.
And finally there is the Moroccan lava clay, a pure clay capable of absorbing impurities and oils without causing irritation, leaving the skin soft, fresh and radiant.

In addition to clays, the main ingredient in this L’Oreal mask is activated charcoal, which has excellent detoxification properties and acts as a magnet to suck all the dirt, oil, and other harmful things out of the pores.

Except for the soothing and hydrating rice starch, the formula has no additional benefits, so what it does is practically purify and decongest the pores, leaving a natural glow by removing all impurities and dead cells.

What we have found are several irritating ingredients, among which are a couple of preservatives, fragrances and perfume, so it can damage the most sensitive skin.

This product comes in a small glass jar with a lid, so to take the product, you have to insert your fingers, which can end up contaminating the product.

The texture is mousse-like and quite thick, the color is black, just like other charcoal masks, and it also has a strong charcoal fragrance. As described on the packaging, it “glides on the skin” very easily and it is easy to get a thin, even layer without any patch. It also feels a bit ticklish when drying.

It should be used on clean skin, 2-3 times a week, applying a thin layer over the entire face, allowing it to dry for 10-15 minutes before rinsing.


This mask cleanses and purifies the skin, but it also has several irritating ingredients, so it is easily substituted for another that does the same, and also provides a plus to the skin, such as the Vitamin C mask from Nezeni Cosmetics.

In addition to cleaning pores in depth, and removing excess oil and dirt thanks to the clay, it prevents premature aging and brightens the skin due to the inclusion of antioxidant vitamin C. And it has the advantage that it does not include any irritants or harmful ingredients.

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