Hydra Energetic Daily Cleanser Magnetic Charcoal By Loreal Men Expert, Analysis And Alternative

Although you don’t think of charcoal as an ingredient for washing your face, it’s actually a great cleansing agent, and it’s present in many cleansers, like this one from L’Oreal.

Charcoal not only provides a deep cleansing while removing excess oil, bacteria, free radicals, and other irritants from skin pores, it does so without stripping natural moisture from dry or sensitive skin.

But there is more to L’Oreal cleaner than just charcoal. It contains a large number of active ingredients that help fight the 5 problems caused by the daily dirt in the city: oily skin, dirt, dryness, dullness and clogged pores.

This facial cleanser specifically formulated for men, removes impurities and excess oil, with the power of charcoal, to achieve a fresh and healthy look.

The black gel turns into a rich white foam that achieves a new cleansing sensation on your skin.

Hydra Energetic Cleanser with Magnetic Charcoal is suitable for all male skin types, but is an ideal choice for men with sensitive skin.

Let’s see if all this they tell us is true by analyzing the ingredients it contains. You’ve got more cleansers discussed in the main article with a Review of the Best Facial Cleansers for Men .

Hydra Energetic Analysis Magnetic Charcoal Daily Cleaner by Loreal Men Expert

Hydra Energetic Analysis Summary Magnetic Charcoal Daily Cleaner by Loreal Men Expert

It is another option that uses fatty acids (myristic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid and lauric acid) as surfactants (cleaning ingredients), although some of them cause irritation.

These ingredients are high on the list, so dirt won’t be a problem for this cleaner. Then we find a lubricant that also acts as a barrier, so as not to lose moisture.

Vitamin C (in the form of ascorbyl glucoside) is always a good addition to any formulation, although its effects will not be very noticeable, since the cleaner must be rinsed off.

And in the central part of the INCI finally appears powdered charcoal, which is a great cleanser and detoxifier.

Peppermint extract feels cooling and calming, and helps balance fat, but can be sensitizing; so take care of the most sensitive skin.

I like the inclusion of moringa extract, a good antioxidant that also increases collagen synthesis. And Salicylic Acid is a great exfoliator, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory, a great addition to any cleanser.

However, there is an ingredient that I do not like at all, methylisothiazolinone is a preservative that is toxic and irritating, and although the formula is to clarify and does not stay on the skin, I prefer to avoid these problematic ingredients.


It is not a cleaner that you would use due to the inclusion of some unsavory ingredients; I prefer the Nezeni Cosmetics option in the form of micellar water, which avoids harmful ingredients, and has more interesting active ingredients.

Although I recognize that charcoal is a very interesting addition to a men’s cleanser, I prefer that it not include any ingredient that could harm me, and I have this in the micellar water, which reduces the preservatives to the maximum to avoid the combined effect.

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