La Roche Posay Redermic C Filler Treatment, Analysis And Alternative

The name of the La Roche Posay treatment is quite a declaration of intent. A filler that corrects even the deepest wrinkles. And how do you do it? Well, its name also indicates it, with vitamin C in 5%, along with Madecasside and hyaluronic acid.

It is clear that we are going to find vitamin C in the first positions, but what about the other ingredients? Is Vitamin C Enough To Fill In Wrinkles? Let’s see it in your INCI.

To delve deeper into the topic of dermatological creams, take a look at this article where the Best Dermatologist-Recommended Anti-Wrinkle Creams are discussed . Also, after the analysis you have a lot of interesting information about this cosmetic.

La Roche Posay Redermic C Filler Treatment Analysis

La Roche Posay Redermic C Filler Treatment Analysis Summary

As you could guess, vitamin C occupies a privileged place in the INCI of the product. It also has shea butter nearby, another great moisturizing and restorative ingredient.

But as for the other two active ingredients that were mentioned, madecosaid and hyaluronic acid, these are too low. Like a very interesting peptide that works by relaxing the muscles (similar to Argireline, but with less power).

So really, there are only vitamin C and shea butter left to fill in wrinkles, which is not enough.
The silicones present may have the momentary effect of filling the groove, but it is not a lasting or worthwhile effect.

I also don’t like the PEG and the toxic preservative that is present, so it wouldn’t be an option for me.


The cream that is an option, and in fact it is the one I use right now, is Antiage by Nezeni Cosmetics. You have the complete analysis in the link that I mentioned above. If you look at the top positions are the active ingredients (hyaluronic acid and a peptide too), something that did not happen in the previous cream.

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