Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator Concentrate Hydrating Gel, Analysis And Alternative

The Clinique For Men option is not just a moisturizer, it is the ultimate moisturizer, flooding the skin with an instant hydration recharge.

It must be said that the packaging and the aesthetics of the cream is very attractive, as it has a color and a texture that seems that its content is encapsulated pure water. This is thanks to Liquid-Sphere technology, with encapsulated ingredients.

And according to the brand, this hydration that provides boosts hydration reserves for a whole day. Combat dryness, environmental stress, and hydrate without adding fat.

And to know how to choose a moisturizer, do not miss this analysis of the Best Moisturizing Creams for Men , where we tell you what you should look for when buying a moisturizer.

Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator Concentrate Hydrating Gel Review

Summary of analysis Maximum Hydrator Concentrated Hydrating Gel from Clinique For Men

The cream in general is quite good, as it includes a good amount of occlusives, moisturizers and emollients, which each work in one way (reinforcing the barrier to prevent water loss, absorbing water or hydrating the cells), but the result it is a properly hydrated skin, which is what matters.

It’s a shame that hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturizer, is in such a low ratio.

There are other additional ingredients that also help regenerate, repair, or vitamin C that acts as an antioxidant (the latter also in a low proportion).

There is even a sunscreen, which can do very little to concentrate it.

There are some ingredients that I don’t like as they are irritating or toxic, mostly preservatives. This is the problem with having so many preservatives. Fortunately, except for one, all are in a low proportion.


I like Nezeni Cosmetics Collagen cream better, for 3 reasons: the first is that it contains hydrolyzed collagen in a large proportion.

The second is that in addition to hydrating, it helps prevent the effects of time, such as wrinkles. And the third reason is that it does not have those irritating and toxic ingredients, since it hardly has a couple of preservatives.

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