Restorative Serum By Noray Cosmetics, Inci Analysis And Alternative

Restorative serum, which is not anti-wrinkle, specially formulated for sensitive and atopic skin. In addition to strengthening the superficial layer of the epidermis, it replenishes the substances that the skin needs to rejuvenate.

The brand mentions collagen and vitamin C, as a mixture to reverse the signs of aging; in addition to the azulene extract as a soothing agent for the most sensitive skin.

When analyzing the INCI we will see in what concentrations these active principles are found, and if the product is worth it or not.

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Restorative serum analysis of Noray Cosméticos

Summary analysis of restorative serum of Noray Cosméticos

I also like that it has no parabens, silicones, mineral oils, or PEGs . And it is not tested on animals.Let’s start with something good, the first ingredients are quite good, as there are two active principles: one favors the production of collagen and the other acts as an antioxidant and exfoliator.

But if we start from the basis that it is a product specifically formulated for sensitive and atopic skin, I do not understand what makes an alcohol and various fragrance ingredients.

And minus the two potentially harmful preservatives. I am referring to Phenoxyethanol, which while “safe” at concentrations of 1 percent or less, this report notes that the use of various low-dose products could result in overexposure .

And Propyl Gallate, which according to this study  is a skin sensitizer and can be so in lower concentrations than originally thought, that is, in concentrations lower than 1%.

You also have to be careful with Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, which in theory has to be used in limited concentrations, as it contains aluminum compounds, a known neurotoxin, according to Truth in Aging .

However, here it is quite high, which indicates that the proportions are low for the rest of the ingredients, since by law they cannot put any ingredient in a greater proportion than that allowed by the European Health that controls this.

And also with Sodium Benzoate (sodium benzoate), which in the presence of Vitamin C (which there is) can transform into benzene, a known carcinogen, as shown in this study ; and by itself it can also cause DNA damage, this study postulates .

So what I liked about the serum has been clouded by various ingredients that I don’t like at all. For my part, I would not wear it.


Looking for a serum without harmful ingredients I have found the one from Nezeni Cosmetics, which is the one I am using right now. I really like your results, so I also recommend it to you. Try it and tell me about your experience.

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