Sesderma Facial Cream Sesgen 32, Analysis And Alternative

An anti-aging care line that activates genes from within cells, restoring the signs of youth. It is formulated for dry and sensitive skin.

Its two star ingredients are Tripeptide 32 and Teprenone, which are responsible for activating the genes responsible for the youthfulness of the skin.

These ingredients are clear but, to know in what proportion they are, and what others accompany them, I am going to analyze the INCI, to see if the cream can do what it promises.

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Sesgen 32 facial cream analysis by Sesderma

Summary analysis of Sesgen 32 facial cream by Sesderma

The list starts off on the wrong foot, with an irritating ingredient, PEGs and silicones, and doesn’t improve until long after, when it’s pretty late.

From ingredient 12 is when the active principles begin to appear, such as shea butter, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and those that are the star ingredients of the formula, Tripeptide 32 and Teprenone, in addition to ceramides and anti-inflammatories.

Although they are good assets, their proportion is not adequate, and their benefits are going to be minimal.

In any case, harmful and harmful ingredients prevail in the formula, as they are much more numerous, and are in higher concentrations. There is practically everything: alcohol, silicones, PEGs, irritants, parabens and toxic ingredients.

For all this, I would not use or recommend the cream, taking into account the combined effect of these ingredients mentioned, for months, on the skin.


More respectful with health, more effective, and much more recommended, are the Nezeni Cosmetics options, both its Antiage Cream and the Collagen cream. Without silicones, alcohols, irritants, toxins or parabens, and with much higher proportions of active ingredients.

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