Eucerin Dermopure Oil Control Mattifying Hydrating Facial Fluid, Analysis And Alternative

Eucerin’s classic mattifying and purifying moisturizer has changed its name, although we don’t know if the formula is as well. We are going to analyze Dermopure, a moisturizer specially designed for skin prone to blemishes.

Because oily skin also needs hydration, but with a special formula that does not cause more shine or produce more oil. Like Eucerin, with salicylic acid, sebum regulating agents and mattifying particles.

Ingredients that prevent the appearance of new blemishes. We are going to analyze the INCI to see where all these assets are in the formula.

We have several moisturizers reviewed, they are all in this article with the Best Moisturizers for Men , along with a lot of information about these important cosmetics.

Eucerin Dermopure Oil Control Mattifying Hydrating Facial Fluid Analysis

Summary analysis Eucerin Dermopure Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizing Facial Fluid

The formula is a bit low on assets. It has few ingredients, and most are ingredients to form the cream (stabilizers, binders, emulsifiers, etc.), which do not contribute anything to the skin.

There are some emollients and occlusives, but they are minimal. And for oily skin there are also anti-inflammatories, exfoliants and antioxidants in a good proportion.

Unfortunately, at the bottom of the list there are some ingredients that I do not like at all, toxic, irritants and perfume. Also be careful about going outside without sun protection, since salicylic acid increases sensitivity to the sun.

The result is a cream that hydrates, but not too much, although it is not an anti-acne treatment, it stays more in a cream that mattifies shine.


Nezeni Cosmetics Collagen cream is also suitable for oily skin, since it is a non-comedogenic formula that will not produce more fat. But it is somewhat more hydrating, and it also takes care of the problems of more mature skin, such as wrinkles.

And something that comes in handy is that it does not have irritating or toxic ingredients, so it can also be used by sensitive skin.

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