Evoeye Eyelash Evobeaute Growth Formula, Analysis And Alternative

EvoEye serum is the option that Amazon recommends, so I wanted to analyze its ingredients. The brand tells us that its formula will naturally help us to achieve longer and thicker eyelashes, which we have always dreamed of.

Its natural ingredients prevent the eyelashes from breaking and deteriorating due to different causes.

The product is tested and proven efficient and safe, it does not cause irritation or allergies; although we will determine that by looking at its ingredients.

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EvoEye Eyelash Analysis Evobeaute Growth Formula

Summary review EvoEye Eyelash Growth Formula by Evobeaute

EvoEye proposes a formula focused on strengthening and conditioning the lashes, rather than achieving spectacular growth.

It uses hyaluronic acid and Provitamin B5 to hydrate and repair the eyelashes, active ingredients that increase collagen and elastin, repairers, antioxidants, and the occasional amino acid.

The result is much healthier, supple and healthier eyelashes, which break less frequently. But I do not observe any ingredient that manages to lengthen the growth phase, so I do not think that the length of the eyelashes will be extended.

Something that worries me is the parabens included in the formula. Parabens can cause a host of problems, and some tests have found that they are linked to certain types of cancer, including breast cancers, so it is best to opt for eyelash growth serums that are free of parabens for this reason.


Nezeni Cosmetics Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum is a more skin- and eye-friendly formula as it removes parabens from the equation. In addition, it has more assets that promote hair growth, so the results will be more visible and tangible.

The price of the two serums is quite similar, so if you have to choose an option, choose the best one.

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