Monroe London Night Recovery Serum, Analysis And Alternative

Monroe London is an English brand of cosmetic products specially designed for all types of men.

From its name we extract that it is a serum that should be used at night, since it works while we sleep; that it is a concentrated product; and that suggests a recovery or improvement of problems related to the skin.

As the brand mentions, they couldn’t pack more anti-aging ingredients in this serum, so expectations are high. We are going to get out of doubt by analyzing the INCI.

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Monroe London Night Recovery Serum Analysis

Monroe London Night Recovery Serum analysis summary

This serum is a good example of why we should look at INCi before buying any product.

It is true that it includes several good anti-aging ingredients, mainly antioxidants, but we must not only look if they are, but where they are on the list.

In this case they are too low, in very low proportions, so their effects will be just as mild.

This serum contains Pullulan, an ingredient that provides instant firmness, a momentary effect that does not correct the problem, but covers it for a few minutes.

My experience tells me to look for products with ingredients that produce a gradual long-term effect, that’s why I avoid silicones and these types of active ingredients.

In addition, in the first positions I have found ingredients that I do not want on my skin, some cause allergic reactions, others are eye or respiratory irritants, and unfortunately there are also toxins that can put our health at risk.


A much better serum is the Nezeni Cosmetics option, with a good proportion of active ingredients and without the problem of the combined effect.

In fact, it is the one I am using right now, along with other brand cosmetics, and I never tire of recommending it because of the good results I am having.

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